‘Catacomb Resonator’ update!

Update to process: “Catacomb Resonator” CDs have arrived, the vinyl test pressings have been approved and the vinyls should be here any minute.

All the elements for the special edition are almost finished and in addition to the LP, CD & sigilised deluxe insert it will include an exclusive C-50 cassette album ‘Repository I’. All housed within a grey, screen printed totebag.

Working hard to have the album & special edition available at the end of month.

More updates will follow soon!

Now Under Work: Arktau Eos “Catacomb Resonator” LP & CD

Out of their own volition, primordial symbols arise from the deep. Graphic elements coalesce at the Aural Hypnox HQ.

For a possible Catacomb Resonator special edition, we are now considering the addition of some pertinent recordings from our vault of ‘black ops’ meditation tapes. However, right now our primary goal is to have the main opus ready for release on Autumn Equinox, and everything else remains optional. Let us see how things evolve.