A look at the “Catacomb Resonator” CD edition

A curious detail some of you may find interesting: for the tipped-in booklet, we obtained book paper from a 1950s stock that had by a twist of fate remained unused in the storage of an old family firm, themselves in operation for nearly a century. The paper is thus sixty years old, give or take a few years! The booklet is xeroxed in remembrance of old school underground aesthetics, and hand-stamped on the cover.


There will be a delay in sending the LP edition of “Catacomb Resonator”: upon packing and carefully inspecting the album boxes we discovered that almost all of the records have been misprinted with scratches, wear marks and cardboard fiber all over. This was not the case with the first few we opened and certainly not the test pressings which were fine. This is an outrageous oversight at the pressing plant. The entire print run needs to be returned and we are assured of a speedy and full replacement. Unfortunately, this does mean we do not have an exact date yet, but you will be sent your order at the earliest possibility. If you paid and this additional wait presents a problem, contact us. Otherwise you need not do anything.


Those who ordered the CD edition of the album: everything is fine and the albums are going out tomorrow.

Out now: Arktau Eos ‘Catacomb Resonator’, CD, LP & BOX SET

Every man is a catacomb resonator; our very being resounds with hidden desires, dreams of unknown origin, and deeper still, primordial voices of our buried ancestry. We are a labyrinth unto ourselves; and equally we stand as a totem-pole at the crossroads of a universe, gazing into distant horizons. We are a nameless grave from which the self divine may rise to witness new constellations light up on the darkening firmament.

It is this process which the sixth Arktau Eos album attempts to convey: led by abyssal psalmody, the sonic tapestry is interwoven with dusty, crackling electronics of a bygone era and other, subtler elements for an all-enveloping sound that readily lends itself to prolonged listening sessions. Between the two segments, the sides A and B, lies the secret canticle: heard by few, yet ever present. While the vinyl edition is in some ways the optimal medium for the album at hand, the CD has the advantage of being mixed as a seamless whole. Choose as ye will!

The CD version of the album is enclosed in customised, screen printed cardboard covers. Limited to 423 copies.

The ‘Catacomb Resonator’ LP is enclosed in customised, screen printed cardboard covers including xeroxed and stamped insert. Limited to 423 copies.

The special edition of ‘Catacomb Resonator’ comes in a screen printed graphite grey tote bag carrying the Arktau Eos ‘Catacomb Compass’ symbol and is limited to 60 copies. This edition includes both the ‘Catacomb Resonator’ CD and LP, as well as an exclusive insert suitable for framing, sigilised and numbered by Arktau Eos and the cover artist KTL. The special edition is accompanied by an exclusive C-50 cassette album ‘Repository I’ housed inside screen printed covers.

The occasional ‘Repository’ tapes contain material that for some reason falls outside album contexts proper: private meditations, lengthy experiments & so forth, which may yet be of interest to the most dedicated of Arktau Eos’ listeners. Tape #1 opens the series with “Avaruuksien avaaja” and “Syvänteiden oraakkeli”, both running to 20+ minutes.

Orders are open now at http://www.auralhypnox-shop.com and will start shipping on 4th of October 2017.