L’Homme Sauvage approaching!

L’Homme Sauvage attendees: along with the usual assortment of CDs, there will be an edition of the recent AE t-shirt in khaki available, and − due to popular demand − a bag with the same theme (sand-coloured). Finally, the “Offering” shirt makes a comeback after being sold out for a while (available at the festival, or later at the AH webshop).

Arktau Eos announce a new album!

Mastering is finished, and it is being sent to press this week. All details, including title TBA soon; watch this space. What can be said at this point is that it is one of the most involved and intricate albums we have done, consisting of 49 minutes of sound in nine distinct segments. The official release date was set to Autumn Equinox, but at this point the first week of October seems realistic.

(artwork: detail of a 1840’s print depicting Armenian wilderness from Arktau Eos archives)