Transcendental Radiations “Permutation 210(2)21” now on YouTube!

Aural Hypnox “Transcendental Radiations” Permutation 210(2)21″ was captured on a magnetic tape in North and South Ostrobothnia in autumn 2021 & winter 2022 by A. Haapapuro, J. Padatsu & J. Saivo. Notation, design & filming from autumn 2021 to winter 2022 by A.H. All musical and film material engineered at the Katajan Kaiku studio from autumn 2021 to winter 2022. Copyright and production: Aural Hypnox.

Five years, five days and eight hours. Animal electricity in the mountains. Life without food. Working on imageless thoughts and wordless speech after I encountered “It” under the glow of northern lights (fig. 7.28b) The shadows are on the move. Antimatter particles. Detected a strong radio signal. Yax Mutal. A sacrifice for the disturbance in the curvature of time must take a place soon (refer to fig. 5.51a). The primordial ice has started to melt. After completing an extensive study (fieldbook pages 285-441): the invertebrate spectral organisms are surely emerging. They do not need us.

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