Time flies but we stay!

I thought of writing a quick update on what have been going on during the last few months because many are asking, so here we go;

Tunnels Awake! I’m not sure how many of the Aural Hypnox followers are into metal music, but I would like to present you my new band called UNFYROS, which has taken up quite a bit of time lately.

During the past few years the songs, the tunes of old witchcraft, for the debut release “Alpha Hunt” were composed and are now finally recorded and mixed at the Katajan Kaiku studio. I’m still figuring out the best home for this release, maybe Aural Hypnox will start a new branch or not – time will tell.

In case you are interested to follow, please check out the Unfyros page in facebook or in Instagram to keep up with the latest news, samples & other strange stories. Links below. Megaliths Arise!

Aural Hypnox related news will be posted here in due time.

– Anti Ittna H. / Aural Hypnox