Out now: Templum N.R. “Magnetic Breath – The Possession”, C-20 & more!

Aural Hypnox starts the year by bringing out the Templum N.R. “Magnetic Breath – The Possession” cassette EP. The EP is released through our Underworld Editions and will be followed by a new Templum N.R. full-length album in spring 2020.

Beyond the veils of flesh, from nightmare wombs and Otherworlds, the Magnetic Breath finds you and calls you to listen. The unfurling ancient frequencies and thrumming pulses are once again churning their electric currents through Nightside channels. Burning deep in darkness; the distant, alien wails sow poison and the repetitive, divine dreams infect the unfolding maze of mind’s innate luminosity. Tune in, and receive the instructions, warnings and visions. These are the last words that will begin your long possession with us.

The EP holds two tracks “Ready to Possess You” and “Aurora Megalith”. Total running time: 19:53. Limited to 70 copies and housed inside an oversized, screen printed & stamped cardboard covers including two portal-inserts, a textual note and a Templum N.R. sleeve patch.

The package is included with a Bandcamp download code. The digital download edition will include a quality audio, high resolution scans of the original covers and inserts. If you are using a Bandcamp application you will be able to stream the album without a need for downloading.

Moreover, our webshop has been updated with lots of new and some previously sold out items: Aural Hypnox “MMXX” t-shirt, totebag & back patch, embroidered sleeve patches, Templum N.R. & Arktau Eos back patches!

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