Now underwork: the whole Templum N.R. back catalogue!

We have been working hard during the past few months to bring out all the previous cassette releases of Templum N.R. on a CD. And the time draws nigh!

The following albums are scheduled to be ready and out on 25th of May:

‘Spectrum CCCXC: Transitio’ (the CD will include two previously unreleased bonus tracks).

‘T.o.V. Improvisations XCII-XCIII’ (the CD will include also the limited ‘Grave Gravitation: Transitio XCV’ ep).

‘Spectrum DCXCIII: Poison Portals’ (the CD will include also the limited ‘The Mass Rattle’ ep).

“From outré dimensions, The stare of fervent creatures descent” – In addition to the afore-mentioned, we are excited to announce also a totally new Templum N.R. cassette release ‘Memoirs of the Recoilers pt. I’, C-20.

More info will follow!