Transcendental Radiations “Permutation 201(1)02” now on YouTube!

Aural Hypnox “Transcendental Radiations” Permutation 201(1)02 was captured on a magnetic tape simultaneously in North and South Ostrobothnia in spring 2020 by A. Haapapuro & J. Saivo. Concept, theory, notation & filming by A.H. & J.S. during summer & autumn 2020. Filming and design from autumn 2020 to winter 2021 by A.H. All musical and film material engineered at the Katajan Kaiku studio from autumn 2020 to winter 2021.

At the threshold of consciousness – time is devolving. The winds continue, salt covers the route. Posture work. Testing the device. It is not entirely certain (observation: 1880 940 530 305) how the limits of obscure material transformation can be reviewed with each other. (refer to fig. 2.77f). A dome-shaped water statue rose from the sea and black glowing mass appreared. When the mass touched the statue, clouds of fractal steam rose and spread over a vast area. The study shows (observation: 100 47 22.6 12) that the direction of movement of this unmatched solution has become unknown.

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New shirts & restocking old designs!

Screen printed a new Halo Manash tee (& few long sleeves) and will be printing & restocking some previously sold out t-shirts too. I hope to have everything ready for the friday’s shop update! Stay tuned!

Aural Hypnox ‘Underworld Transmissions’ 2nd edition under work!

While working on the new label series, we decided to bring available the previously sold out “Underworld Transmissions” CD edition.

The 2nd edition will follow almost the same form as its predecessor; housed in an oversized, screen printed cardboard covers including a 16-page xeroxed booklet, CD and a download code. Limited to 290 copies.

Release has been set to 19th of March.

Transcendental Radiations taking shape!

The covers, inserts and booklet for the upcoming T.R.I have been printed and the release date has been set to 19th of March. Total running time approx. 40 minutes and it will be limited to 94 copies. The cassette will be housed inside an oversized, screen printed cardboard covers including two heavy inserts, an 8-panel booklet & download code.