Transcendental Radiations “Permutation 210(2)21” now on YouTube!

Aural Hypnox “Transcendental Radiations” Permutation 210(2)21″ was captured on a magnetic tape in North and South Ostrobothnia in autumn 2021 & winter 2022 by A. Haapapuro, J. Padatsu & J. Saivo. Notation, design & filming from autumn 2021 to winter 2022 by A.H. All musical and film material engineered at the Katajan Kaiku studio from autumn 2021 to winter 2022. Copyright and production: Aural Hypnox.

Five years, five days and eight hours. Animal electricity in the mountains. Life without food. Working on imageless thoughts and wordless speech after I encountered “It” under the glow of northern lights (fig. 7.28b) The shadows are on the move. Antimatter particles. Detected a strong radio signal. Yax Mutal. A sacrifice for the disturbance in the curvature of time must take a place soon (refer to fig. 5.51a). The primordial ice has started to melt. After completing an extensive study (fieldbook pages 285-441): the invertebrate spectral organisms are surely emerging. They do not need us.

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“Transcendental Radiations II” shipping out tomorrow & lowered prices!

There are few copies of the “Transcendental Radiations II” cassette still available and also lowered the prices of some earlier releases & shirts. Trying to free some space for the upcoming releases – more info available in few weeks! The shipping of “TR II” will start tomorrow. Thank you to all of you who ordered from us during the last few days!

Out now: Aural Hypnox ‘Transcendental Radiations II’, C-45

Aural Hypnox “Transcendental Radiations II”

Transcendental Radiations is Aural Hypnox label series, a continuation of our previous “Underworld Transmissions” cassette series released between 2013-2015.

The noise and light from dark energy that floods the frontiers of understanding and more specifically the mysterious colossal beings, stimuli that silently fire and interpenetrate our sensory receptors are received and processed on tape and film in various seasonally stratified magnetic locations in Finland, Fenno-Scandinavia.

The concept of the series is to invite artists from the Helixes collective, in different combinations and under exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields to study, conceive and reflect the passing random and rhythmic, static and repetitive electrochemical activity; the neural oscillations and vibrating energy filaments streaming and running silently through the ubiquitous particles at the chosen location at that very moment.

By using a variety of techniques, physical and chemical stimulation we amplify and transform the Waves of Power propagating through the universe and synchronize ourselves through ecstatic interaction and intelligence that is in sounds.

The cassette is housed inside an oversized, screen printed cardboard covers including two insert cards and an 8-panel booklet. Limited to 100 copies.

The package is included with a Bandcamp download code. The digital download edition will include a quality audio, high resolution scans of the original covers and inserts. If you are using a Bandcamp application you will be able to stream the album without a need for downloading.

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The new video is coming out soon

The video for the new “Transcendental Radiations” is still under work, but will be online shortly. To receive a notification of the publication, please start following our YouTube Channel.

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Transcendental Radiations II

The covers, inserts and booklet for the “Trancendental Radiations II” have now been printed and the release date has been set to 9th of April. Total running time approx. 45 minutes and it will be limited to 100 copies. As before, the cassette will be housed inside an oversized, screen printed cardboard covers including two heavy inserts, an 8-panel booklet & bandcamp download code.