The Sound is a Ritual

“Before the Great Stone” now on SoundCloud

Posted on Apr 17, 2020

The opening track “Before the Great Stone” from our debut album “Vol. 1” has been uploaded to the Aural Hypnox Soundcloud today.

Maybe a perfect partner to listen while gazing the rotating night sky or searching some luminous, extraterrestrial material from the depths of woods?

Typhoon Mama – going backwards in time

Posted on Apr 14, 2020

The sound of eerie electronics and heavy metals – May the backward flowing sonic rivers guide you closer to the Net Weaver.

Back in 2018 a Finnish director-writer Lou Strömberg contacted us and asked if we would be interested to compose soundscapes for her upcoming documentary Typhoon Mama. Haven’t seen each other in few years we thought it could be an interesting project and also a good excuse to start working on a new Aural Holograms material. Needless to say, we soon started to make some sorcery tactics, tuned our instruments to the Typhonic frequencies and finally pointed our tools towards the darkness of Scandinavia & Islands of the West.

Note: all of the material we composed for Typhoon Mama was exclusively made for that production and will not appear on any Aural Holograms album. In case you wish to listen, you’ll have to find and check out the documentary.

The Day of Re-opening the Holographic Tomb

Posted on Apr 6, 2020

After more than a decade of silence we are pleased to inform that in addition to the new full-lenght album “Vol. 2” we are also working on updating our website and launching new social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Actually, the in-depth research of certain, unspeakable gravitational relics, monuments and locations and the strengthening or increasing their flow of electromagnetic radiation was revitalized within the group already few years back. Next stop, travelling backwards!

Update from the Tower

Posted on Feb 4, 2020

Aural Holograms Vol. II – Update from the Tower; with his holographic voice he knew how to call nocturnal candidates; 74 974 74 975 74 444.

Going though the tape reels of the preliminary recording sessions of “Vol. II“. Opfer müssen gebracht werden! Obsessed with experimentation, electrostatic & cosmic potencies.

Aural Holograms Vol. II now under work

Posted on Aug 16, 2019

The resonance and reverberation of nature, vacuum and space. Setting the energy flux parameters for the Aural Holograms Vol. II at 61°26’N, 21°52’E.

Indeed, the rumours are true – thirteen years after the release of our debut album and we are already working on the 2nd volume!