The sound itself is a ritual, which enables one to gain insights to the heart of the Great Hologram.

Bodies, spirits and elementals may remain unseen, but not un-sensed. Their presence is felt through ambiguous, long, unbroken orchestrations of drone – which form a radiant, holographic path leading to a loss of self-consciousness.

Aural Holograms – born from the proto-vibration, resurrected after aeons and finally finding its embodiment in 2006 – is a group focusing on fieldwork, aural excavations, conservation and embalment of the archaic pulsations and long forgotten atavistic forces lingering in the sub-mental states of All beings. Aural Holograms approaches holistic realisation of these forces through various sectors of acoustic reseach, and does not hesitate to don a mask, when it is time to call the entities and elementals into a being once more.

The backbone of the group consists of A. Haapapuro and J. Saivo who are regularly assisted by specialists from different fields of study and research. The line-up in live situations usually includes two to four persons and by utilising primitive practices and soundsources crafted according to the methods that were handed down generations ago, Aural Holograms grant a multisensory experience through an engulfing and mystic atmosphere – an expedition revealing a passage to self-mummification.

Official sound samples