Templum N.R. ‘The Mass Rattle’ C-20

Templum N.R. ‘The Mass Rattle’, C-20
Templum N.R. ‘The Mass Rattle’, C-20
Artist: Templum N.R.
Title: The Mass Rattle
Release date: June, 2017
Catalog# [AHMC18] Format: C-20

‘The Mass Rattle’ c-20 ep comes exclusively as a part of ‘Spectrum DCXCIII: Poison Portals’ special cassette edition. This ep includes two tracks; Side A presents an exclusive, previously unreleased track ‘The Viscous Tomb Liquid’ and side B holds a Telepath Remix of the ‘I am His Sacrifice’ track.

The cassette is enclosed inside a screen printed cassette covers and comes with a textual and screen printed insert.