Templum N.R. ‘T.o.V. Improvisations XCII-XCIII’ C-40

Artist: Templum N.R.
Title: T.o.V. Improvisations XCII-XCIII
Release date: October, 2015
Catalog# AHMC11
Format: C-40

Templum N.R., a Temple dedicated to Nightside Revelations is back with their second full-length album ‘T.o.V. Improvisations XCII-XCIII’. The album is released through our Underworld Editions and follows the same format as their previous album ‘Spectrum CCCXC: Transitio’.

The musical improvisations of T.o.V. derive from Umbra-visitation sessions held in the Temple of Mercurial Orgies and Room Luna Lake between 2014 and 2015. The concept of the album has been growing within the Templum N.R. members slowly during the past twenty years, so perhaps it’s not even proper to talk of their “latest” release. Linear time and Templum N.R. doesn’t walk hand in hand and their rituals cannot be measured in hours, but in years.

Compared to their previous release, the sessions of T.o.V. running roughly 40 minutes in total are based on more analog-organic approach than analog-digital-synthetic. The four echoing Hymns of Otherness are here to awake the ghosts dwelling within; join the Stagnant Dance and meet the Carcass of Formations – the shrieks are calling from beyond.

The regular edition of 75 copies is housed inside an oversized, silk-screen printed & stamped cardboard covers including five two-sided insert cards and a canvas patch (18 cm x 30 cm). Limited to 75 copies.

NOTE: There will be no official presence of Templum N.R. in the global system of interconnected computer networks. If you would like to receive traditional paper newsletters, unique artworks & exclusive audio tapes of the group, please join the official Templum N.R. subscription list. You will find the official subscription letter within the album package.