Templum N.R. ‘Memoirs of the Recoilers’, C-20

Templum N.R. ‘Memoirs of the Recoilers’, c-20
Artist: Templum N.R.
Title: Memoirs of the Recoilers
Release date: May, 2018
Catalog# AHMC19
Format: C-20

We are excited to present the new release of the Templum N.R. ‘Memoir of the Recoilers’, c-20.

From outré dimensions the stare of fervent creatures descent. On this album the secret sect of the group has favoured a rather peculiar yet compelling approach. Minimally oscillating textures and immense melodies are accompanied with recited hymns read by previously unheard presence Madame Eternally Nameless. These songs are searching continually through the night, as spells calling to follow through the liquid mirror.

‘Memoirs of the Recoilers’ is enclosed inside screen printed cassette covers and comes with an 8-panel booklet. Limited edition of 98 copies.