Templum N.R. ‘Grave Gravitation’ C-20

Templum N.R. ‘Grave Gravitation’, C-20
Templum N.R. ‘Grave Gravitation’, C-20
Artist: Templum N.R.
Title: Grave Gravitation
Release date: October, 2015
Catalog# AHMC12
Format: C-20

‘Grave Gravitation: Transitio XCV’ comes exclusively as a part of ‘T.o.V. Improvisations XCII-XCIII’ special edition. The ep holds two tracks; side A is pure oscillating power – minimalistic, wrathful modular drone, where multitude of hidden harmonics meets a choral of transforming frequencies. Side B is a remix of ‘Grave Gravitation’ with additional instrumentation – a conjunction of Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

‘Grave Gravitation’ is enclosed inside a newly designed, screen printed cassette covers and comes with a textual and silk-screen printed inserts.