Arktau Eos ‘Scorpion Milk’ CDR

Artist: Arktau Eos
Title: Scorpion Milk
Release date: June, 2006
Catalog# AHCDR02
Format: CDR

‘Scorpion Milk’ consists of a single album length track, which is best apprehended in a meditative state with minimum outside interference. It is truly a “Mirror Noir” to the album itself – its shadowy companion, the candle-bearer who responds to no call but silence itself. The music can be likened to a dark well, the oily surface of which not only reflects the phantasms of mind recalled through participation in the ‘Mirrorion’ cycle, but is occasionally broken by scorpionic surges of Primal Power invigorating the act of contemplation.

The effect is equal parts unsettling and soothing; the way forward to the next Arktau Eos outing seen through a spectral kaleidoscope. Performed and mixed live using mainly obscure ´70s electronica on a real reel tape, it is the antithesis of the sterile, lifeless sound and attitude of our times; a connoisseur’s choice that stands alone despite its undercurrents flowing from the heart of ‘Mirrorion’.

The album comes in a plastic slim case with hand-painted textures and an insert card.

Limited and numbered edition of 222 copies. First 80 copies are included in the ‘Mirrorion’ box set.