Aeoga ‘COAV’

Artist: Aeoga
Title: COAV
Release date: July, 2004
Catalog# AH02
Format: CD

The debut album of Aeoga ‘COAV ‘, presents haunting material based on spiralling dark drones, eerie guitar feedback textures, archaic drum and cymbal patterns, atonal vocalisations and distant, peculiar sample textures. The eight tracks of the album offer material ranging from organic dark ambient, archaic & ascetic horizons to dark and haunting tribal, ritual atmospheres. To exhaust mind and body in order to obtain a condition of non-consciousness and thus receive, realize and create material based on both primal and absent vision. Total running time: 65:52.

The album comes in a special octagon shaped cardboard covers, including a 6 panel hammered cardboard sleeve. Limited to 1000 copies.