Digital download codes

On an almost weekly basis we are requested to make releases available in a digital form and with the forthcoming releases we are going to take the very first steps.

For the very first time in the label history the new albums are included with a Bandcamp download codes. The digital download edition will include a CD-quality audio, high resolution scans of the original covers and inserts. If you are using a Bandcamp application you will be able to stream the album without a need for downloading. 

However, at this point of time we are not going to offer “digital-only” albums, as the mark of handicraft is something we have always considered to be crucial for the all-encompassing experience.

Update to process: Halo Manash “Unetar” CD

Time has not been on our side! Our side branch Primeval Vision kept us unexpectedly busy all summer months and we didn’t have enough focus to bring anything new out. But now’s the time; we have worked the past two weeks to finalise the CD edition of “Unetar” by Halo Manash.

The scheduled release date has been set for the 2nd week of October. This is because we are also bringing out a very limited CD edition of the previously cassette-only released Aural Hypnox ”Underworld Transmissions” trilogy.

More news soon!