Under work now: Halo Manash ”Unetar”, CD!

The liminal hymns of “Unetar” will be reissued next! The material on this album originates from the Halo Manash “Tulitania” private ritual held in the deepest forest of Northern Ostrobothnia in December 2006 and was previously released in a cassette-only limited edition via our Underworld Editions. More info will follow!

New Arktau Eos live date!

Arktau Eos are pleased to return to Romania to perform an exclusive set at the magnificent Valea Cetății Cave near Râșnov. Continuing their late 2018 explorations of subterrannea in the Pyrenees, Arktau Eos cherish this possibility to inquire further into the mysteria of primordial chthonic sonics in such one of a kind milieu. Care will be taken to protect the environment and its attendant fauna, therefore the capacity will be extremely limited.

Facebook event page here: