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Kauppa on auki ma-pe 9-16 välillä (tarvittaessa myös muina aikoina) ja se sijaitsee Painoverstas Primeval Visionin tiloissa Oulun Intiössä – osoite: Intiönpolku 2, 90130 Oulu. Käynti sisään löytyy hautausmaan puolelta ja ovissa sekä ikkunoissa on Primeval Vision teippaukset.

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Aural Hypnox “Transcendental Radiations I”, C-40

Our latest release “Transcendental Radiations” is sold out from us but you can still get copies from Levykauppa Äx & Cloister Recordings! Act fast, both are stocking very limited numbers.

Out now: Aural Hypnox ‘Transcendental Radiations’, C-40 & more!

Aural Hypnox ‘Trancendental Radiations’, C-40

Transcendental Radiations is Aural Hypnox label series, a continuation of our previous “Underworld Transmissions” cassette series released between 2013-2015.

The noise and light from dark energy that floods the frontiers of understanding and more specifically the mysterious colossal beings, stimuli that silently fire and interpenetrate our sensory receptors are received and processed on tape and film in various seasonally stratified magnetic locations in Finland, Fenno-Scandinavia.

The concept of the series is to invite artists from the Helixes collective, in different combinations and under exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields to study, conceive and reflect the passing random and rhythmic, static and repetitive electrochemical activity; the neural oscillations and vibrating energy filaments streaming and running silently through the ubiquitous particles at the chosen location at that very moment.

By using a variety of techniques, physical and chemical stimulation we amplify and transform the Waves of Power propagating through the universe and synchronize ourselves through ecstatic interaction and intelligence that is in sounds.

The cassette is housed inside an oversized, screen printed cardboard covers including two insert cards and an 8-panel booklet. Limited to 94 copies.

The package is included with a Bandcamp download code. The digital download edition will include a quality audio, high resolution scans of the original covers and inserts. If you are using a Bandcamp application you will be able to stream the album without a need for downloading.

Aural Hypnox ‘Underworld Transmissions’, CD (2nd edition)

The 2nd edition of the Aural Hypnox “Underworld Transmissions” now available! Underworld Transmissions was Aural Hypnox label series, filmed and captured on tape in the private séances held in our subterranean lodge located in Oulu, Northern Ostrobothnia.

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Transcendental Radiations “Permutation 201(1)02” now on YouTube!

Aural Hypnox “Transcendental Radiations” Permutation 201(1)02 was captured on a magnetic tape simultaneously in North and South Ostrobothnia in spring 2020 by A. Haapapuro & J. Saivo. Concept, theory, notation & filming by A.H. & J.S. during summer & autumn 2020. Filming and design from autumn 2020 to winter 2021 by A.H. All musical and film material engineered at the Katajan Kaiku studio from autumn 2020 to winter 2021.

At the threshold of consciousness – time is devolving. The winds continue, salt covers the route. Posture work. Testing the device. It is not entirely certain (observation: 1880 940 530 305) how the limits of obscure material transformation can be reviewed with each other. (refer to fig. 2.77f). A dome-shaped water statue rose from the sea and black glowing mass appreared. When the mass touched the statue, clouds of fractal steam rose and spread over a vast area. The study shows (observation: 100 47 22.6 12) that the direction of movement of this unmatched solution has become unknown.

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