Aural Hypnox & Unfyros premiere a new EP ”Into Sibylline Woods”

On 3rd of June Unfyros will bring out their highly-anticipated first release – a two track EP ”Into Sibylline Woods”. The EP features two tracks ”The Dagger Within” and ”In Dawn Claws” from their forthcoming debut ”Alpha Hunt” and can be streamed for free on Unfyros Bandcamp & SoundCloud pages and Aural Hypnox’s Youtube channel.

The digital release will be followed by a cassette edition and sales will open at the Aural Hypnox shop on summer solstice 21st of June 2022. The cassette EP will be limited to 100 pieces. As before, no preorders, no reservations.

News from Arktau Eos!

“Yesterday, the arduous and rather unconventional mixing and mastering process of our forthcoming album (working title “Dormiveglia”) was finished. Details, including the release date, will be available in due course. Suffice to say, while we stand behind everything we release, there is something very special about this one… It feels ancient, dusty, and filled to the brim with a sense of genuine mystery.”

Unfyros signs with Aural Hypnox

The first band to appear under the Aural Hypnox’s Empyrean Editions will be Unfyros – a band founded in 2018 by Anti Ittna H. who was joined by Nox Vector on drums in 2021.

In darkness and solitude; breaking through the ideals of today’s world and opening the dark vault within where total experiences and pure Power awaits. Tempered by the blazing otherworld fire we move on with determination and follow the unuttered and unwritten doctrines. Thus the name Unfyros; an entity possessing and pervading, a liminal fire seeing through the space and time eternal. The luminous darkness calling and devouring One and All.

“In its entirety, to us Unfyros is no less than a lasting stream of Power and Lunacy; a quest of forging the self through the awakened knowledge and experience. A form of archaic magical practice focusing on a change of reality. We stand dead still at the threshold of an ancient storm, rational minds bypassed yet wide awake and instincts alert.”

The darkness humming – The extinct dimensions live now in you

Unfyros delivers an unique mixture of old-school, mid-tempo black and heavy metal with a strong emphasis on hypnotic and dark atmospheres through captivating melodies and song structures. Therefore if genres or other classification is necessary be it “Black Heavy Metal”. The songs are based on distorted and dissonant guitar riffs, minimal yet heavy bass lines and powerful, repetitive drumming. These all have been tied together by raspy vocals flowing out like an obscure black swarm of ghost daggers.

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Aural Hypnox launches a new branch “Empyrean Editions”

Empyrean Editions is a newly established branch and will focus on releasing musically totally different yet thematically completely in line material from the label’s artists and maybe few other surprises as well. As the name already suggests, be prepared to face the ancient, pure element of fire.

More info coming soon!

Transcendental Radiations “Permutation 210(2)21” now on YouTube!

Aural Hypnox “Transcendental Radiations” Permutation 210(2)21″ was captured on a magnetic tape in North and South Ostrobothnia in autumn 2021 & winter 2022 by A. Haapapuro, J. Padatsu & J. Saivo. Notation, design & filming from autumn 2021 to winter 2022 by A.H. All musical and film material engineered at the Katajan Kaiku studio from autumn 2021 to winter 2022. Copyright and production: Aural Hypnox.

Five years, five days and eight hours. Animal electricity in the mountains. Life without food. Working on imageless thoughts and wordless speech after I encountered “It” under the glow of northern lights (fig. 7.28b) The shadows are on the move. Antimatter particles. Detected a strong radio signal. Yax Mutal. A sacrifice for the disturbance in the curvature of time must take a place soon (refer to fig. 5.51a). The primordial ice has started to melt. After completing an extensive study (fieldbook pages 285-441): the invertebrate spectral organisms are surely emerging. They do not need us.

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