Arktau Eos will be joining Hexvessel on tour next month!

Arktau Eos will open the ceremonies on the following nights:

  • 17th February – Hamburg – DE (venue tba)
  • 18th Feburary – Urban Spree – Berlin – DE
  • 19th February – Neues Schauspiel – Leipzig – DE
  • 20th February – Club Nine – Utrecht – NL
  • 21st February – tba
  • 22nd February – St John Church, Bethnal Green – UK

More info to be announced soon! Meanwhile, visit Hexvessel facebook for event pages:

Aural Hypnox webshop back online!

Winter greetings from Oulu!

We are excited to announce that our new webshop is online now! It might still need some polishing, but all the main functions should work.

In case you encounter any errors, bugs or unexpected behaviour, please report to us via email.

Note: all old accounts were deleted during the shop upgrade process, so please create a new one. Also, join our shop newsletter for the latest release news!

“The Ashen Mirror” by Templum N.R. now on SoundCloud!

On one hazy night I met an elderly man sitting in an old wooden chair. He was wearing an elegant white suit and I could not help noticing the simple white lines in his fore- and middle fingers. In the remaining fingers he had circles. The pitch-black sand of the shore absorbed all the light from the sky. Regardless, I saw fifty-meter-high waves crashing down behind him – and at the same time, they remained static.