ARKTAU EOS returned to Romania after seven years, once again thanks to the perseverance and dedication of our friend Costin Chioreanu. It turned out to be an intense weekend: we experienced both extreme rain that turned the streets of Brașov into rivers and blistering summer heat, but also the wonderful Romanian countryside and historical sites, before finally entering the massive Valea Cetății cave for our concert.

It did not happen without a bit of struggle, though. Despite several empty promises and ample time to do so, the airline and courier proved themselves incapable of actually delivering our lost luggage in time for the concert, missing all ETAs. This left us with barely one third of equipment we had planned for the event. However, since we are fighters and not quitters, we decided to go ahead with full force, trusting instinct and improvisation to carry us through. In the end, the presence was there and we emerged into daylight satisfied that going back to the roots was interesting and worthwhile in itself. Many thanks to Dan/ALONE IN THE HOLLOW GARDEN for lending us some instruments, and the Carpathian woods for providing others. Apologies for the ninja headgear!

Thank you for all the help: Costin, Alin (Rockstadt Extreme Fest), Gina, Dex, and the local crew. Special hello to the mighty CANDLEMASS.

We hope to come back – next up is Helsinki and Paris.