Thank you Moscow!

As we leave Moscow, we vow to return once again – and we will. Always a pleasure to meet such a cultured, intense crowd, some of whom were there already twelve years ago, when we first came over. Many thanks to the ever-professional and friendly Mist Crossing Division crew for all the good times and exquisite drinks; Alexey Tegin for a great evening in the black chamber and raising the corpse choir together with us; Denis Rylov and everyone else who helped us. Until we meet again: no niin, kippis!

Photo by Denis Rylov.

Color out of Space

Psychedelia with fangs – mark this one on your calendars.

Mere two days away from its US release date, COLOR OUT OF SPACE is set to engulf Planet Earth, marking the triumphant return of visionary director Richard Stanley.

Arktau Eos consider Stanley an esteemed comrade in service of the mysteria, and wish much success to follow the release of COLOR OUT OF SPACE.

The eagle-eyed among you may perhaps notice a reference or two to Arktau Eos in COLOR, but that is all that can be said as of now…

Thank you, Paris!

Arktau Eos thank everyone who gathered at the Kosmo Kino Plaza club last night, especially Vincent who worked hard to make this evening happen. It was a special ending for a very busy year performance-wise. We now intend to retreat to the laboratory and concentrate on finishing some recordings, of which more anon.

Unannounced until the event day, all the groups (Aeoga, Zoät-Aon, Arktau Eos) also convened together on stage for the first public Underworld Transmissions séance at the end of the night. Salutations to those who took the plunge into the stellar abyss with us.

Arktau Eos photos by La Consolation des Ombres.

Thank you, Helsinki!

Blowup Vol. 5 Festival was a great experience. Time to catch our breath for a moment before getting back on the road. See you next Friday at Kosmo Kino Plaza/Les Voûtes, Paris, France!

Photo by Jan Trygg
Photo by S. Ihalainen