Ave Pyrenees

Having returned to our native Finland from the landscape of dreams that is the mountain-range of Southern France, we are first of all obliged to thank Yan, Yoli, and the rest of the crew at L’Homme Sauvage for all their help and hospitality: blessings to the mountain-folk and the attentive audience, you rule!

It was a pleasure to meet the large Barcelonian contingent from three weeks ago, who had travelled north of the border to support another great festival – there is a real sense of community and continuity, which demands respect.

Comrades in Hexvessel – good times as always & thank you for inviting us onstage for “I am the Ritual”.

We were also lucky to be able to conduct our own researches into the mountain traditions and places of power over several days preceding the festival. This has already proven to be an abundant source of ideas for the future. Most of the time we walked in solitude, hiking up the mountains (and into them, in some cases…), visiting haunted woods, ancient churches and other places of worship with the rest of the retinue invisible. In the Montségur region we had assistance from Richard Stanley and Amanda Mariamne Radcliffe; thank you for sharing your time and insights freely with us, many leads were followed & many more remain.

To everyone we met: a toast of strange liquors and ghost-fire!