10.7.2008 - Contributed: Halo Manash

Celestial Streams ~ Chthonic Trees


Journey to Lapland, Norway, The Arctic Ocean - July 2008


As a new manifestation of Halo Manash is slowly moving toward becoming and realization, a journey to guide this process into fruition was taken; a celestial journey into the far north, to great heights, and to their chthonic polarities.

Although it seems words often fall short of reaching the things behind and beyond the apparent, below are some reflections of things experienced, felt, and sensed during the journey.


The still and silent lake of Kilpisjärvi, beside the tunturi (fell) of Saana. Named after an ancient female giant, the Saana seemed to shadow everything in its vicinity with its majestic presence. In the distance, snow-capped peaks of mountains filled the horizon behind the lake. Small patches of forest and simultaneous soft rain and evening sunshine, which cast dual rainbows.

A silent immersing in landscapes and surroundings.



In the morning, bathing in the crystalline and icy lake, and drying in the clear skies and sun. A mild breeze in the air that seemed to originate from high distant mountains.

Under a shining sun, a rise up to the peak of Saana. Rocks, streams, mountainponds and half-melted snow. Reaching the top, libations were poured and raised, surrounded by rock formations resembling small shrines one finds at peaks. An overwhelming presence of power and beauty that such peaks and surroundings possess.

Continuing into Norway and heading north, the landscape changing into steeper terrain, higher altitudes, more elevated planes, many of the mountains piercing clouds. Waterfalls pouring down from unseen heights and mountain rivers with clear cold water. By fires and surrounded by mountains -dwellings of the divine, gates to the heavenly realms, seats of the most high- in every direction.



Journeying further up north, toward the arctic sea. Small fishing-villages in shadows of monolithic mountains. Animals abound: seabirds, sheep, cows, reindeer and foxes. Sometimes continuing further inside the mountains in cavelike tunnels that seemed to go on forever, or inside clouds, that swallow everything in a thick, grey, all-enveloping mist.

Reaching the farthest shore, where the continent ends. A breezing wind and the sound of waves, snowfilled mountains and the great arctic ocean. On the shore, shells and perfect round and smooth surfaced stones, polished into form by time, endless waves and the sea.

Finally, a secluded wooden area in the mountains, yet again surrounded by peaks. A strong place, with a river, natural mounds and strange rockformations. In this place at night, with our feet bare in the moist earth, we played for the mountains and trees.

The ever-present drone of the river, distant unknown echoes and rumbling thunder, rocks tumbling down the hill, treebranches cracking. The skies shifting slowly above, drifting clouds and solar rays. An immersion in and becoming part of the ageless elemental presences.



In the morning, something was descending down the mountains. Merging with the streaming of the river, distant sounds of bells and hooves gave way to a wave of reindeer travelling across the range.

Lastly, visual echoes from times long past, in the form of hällristningar, pre-historic rockcarvings. Horned, winged, scaled animals, dancing, hunting, copulating figures, symbols and signs, travelling vessels and boats, the sun and the moon, worlds above and below – a plethora of ageless visions.

With spirits raised by the great heights, having drunk from the celestial streams, we carry silent lessons in our veins.