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"...Travel through thundering subconsciousness towards the primal mana..."

  • [Halo Manash - Travelogue of America, 2009]
  • "Travelogue of America ~ Sep. 23rd – Oct. 2nd, 2009. In the wake of the ever-deepening pilgrimages and ascending journeys, where inner marks seek their reflections in the outer world(s), and have thus far taken Halo Manash in search of those reflections across Europe and Russia, to India and Nepal, and now finally to that strange and wild land across the sea, America. " [more]

  • [Halo Manash - Caickuwi Cauwas Walkeus, Jan. 2009]
  • "Travelogue of Haubourdin – Bretagne – Paris, Janvier 2009. Halo Manash two-week journey of France began in Haubourdin (near Lille), in the Gallery "Vous êtes ici" (”You are here”), where we were to undertake a tree-fold invocation, in the form of an exhibition of photographs, a screening of films, and a series of three consecutive performances." [more]

  • [Halo Manash - Lapland, Norway, The Arctic Ocean, 2008]
  • "As a new manifestation of Halo Manash is slowly moving toward becoming and realization, a journey to guide this process into fruition was taken; a celestial journey into the far north, to great heights, and to their chthonic polarities..." [more]

  • [AH & HM Mini-Tour, 2008]
  • "Aural Holograms & Halo Manash, Belgium – France, Jan-Feb 2008. Meta-voices and UR-sounds ~ the Black Hole opens. Shrouded in fumes, black and red, out pours the rum..." [more]

  • [Aural Hypnox Mini-Tour, 2007]
  • "In November 2007, Aural Hypnox artists Arktau Eos, Halo Manash and Zoät-Aon undertook a mini-tour comprising of performances in three cities with subtly interconnecting histories: Helsinki, St.Petersburg and Moscow." [more]

  • [Halo Manash - Am Kha Astrie]
  • "What began and was seeded in the Heart of Northern Winter, now took its shape and shadow at the apex of Spring - in the Nether Regions. 'Am Kha Astrie' was perfomed at the Nuit et Brouillard festival in Anwerpen, Belgium, the April 21st 2007, in CC Luchtbal." [more]

  • [Aeoga - Minitour Diary]
  • "'Treye Chamber Vapour' mini-tour diary by Aeoga. The minitour in question took place on 29.09. - 8.10.2006 and included all in all four live performances..." [more]

  • [Halo Manash Pilgrimage]
  • "A Chronicle of the Voyage of Halo Manash - India & Nepal, 2005" [more]

  • [Aeoga - Live 22.10.2005]
  • "This short (approx. 4 min.) footage was captured on 22nd of October in the Aural Hypnox HQ during the 'Zenith Beyond The Helix-Locus' album release gathering..." [more]