September, 2013 - Temple Treye

November, 2006 - An unfinished tour diary has been uploaded:

21.10.2006 - The full tour diary will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

Club Liberté, Helsinki, Finland

TVO, Turku, Finland.

Hypnocosmic Duel Night, Ostium, Turku, Finland.

21.09.2006 - Aeoga Live - Minitour in Finland and Lithuania

Aeoga will be playing live with TROUM in Finland and Lithuania in September and October
Live dates are the following:

  • 29.09.2006 · Club Liberté, Helsinki, Finland.
  • 30.09.2006 · TVO, Turku, Finland.
  • 07.10.2006 · Nordic Audio Modern festival, The Vault, Vilnius, Lithuania.

    Aeoga will perform ca. 30 minutes long piece of spectral-elemental ambience on which more information will be updated as soon as we return.

    21.10.2005 - Devour the Elemental Carrion - website finally updated!

    Follow the Vultunales - OUT NOW:

  • 'Zenith Beyond The Helix-Locus', CD (Aural Hypnox)
  • 'Triangle Of Nebula-Devourers', CD-R (Aural Hypnox)
  • 'Palace For Vultunales', C-20 (Aural Hypnox) (a part of deluxe box)
  • Special Deluxe Box - limited to 40 copies - which includes all the aforementioned titles, 3 collage art insert cards, Yellow perspex plate with hand-painted drawings - All wrapped in black cloth, bound with cord.

    For more information concerning the albums and the box, please visit releases section or Aural Hypnox website.

    New appeatrance for the website created.

  • 20.7.2005 - news
    Somewhere in time and space we recorded track entitled 'Subterranean Obsidian Mirrors - pt. I' for a Russian compilation CD-R, which will be released by Abgurd Subdivision.

    The main recording sessions (96 hours) for the second full-length album were organized at the end of April. Since then we have been working on the physical and spiritual planes of the forthcoming album. More detailed information will follow soon.

    11.2.2005 - website updated
    On 8th of February Halo Manash and Aeoga held a joint private session 'kUT.Sun TIE[to]isUUkSIa', which was based solely on acoustic instrumentation and lasted several hours. The output, both sonic and visual, will be released some time in the future - however, the final form of the release is still under serious consideration. For more visual information, we recommend you to visit the gallery section.

    At the moment Aeoga is recording material for the new full-lenght album, which will be release via Aural Hypnox.

    Moreover, we have finally opened a common domain for all our projects, was formed as a headquarters for the activities of Aeoga, Aural Hypnox, Blue Sector, BSAH Distribution, Halo Manash, I.corax and Zoät·Aon. Hopefully, the new website / domain will help you to find information a bit easier. The official URL for Aeoga website is now:, please update your links. ( is still working properly, but we highly recommend you all to use only the aforementioned URL).

    Our new email address is: aeoga [at] helixes [dot] org (remove NOSPAM).